Classic Travels Limited (Royal Driven) Drivers Contract

“Classic Travels Limited” trading as “Royal Driven” is a Private Hire Operator License Holder
Chauffeur service provider.
Registered office at 27 Denbigh Drive, Hayes, Middlesex, United Kingdom, UB31QF.
Company Registration No: 11339436.

This contract binds the terms of service between a driver/chauffeur and the company. Any
driver who provides vehicles to Classic Travels Ltd. (Royal Driven) is agreed to the
following terms and conditions. Falling to accept the terms and conditions will terminate the
chauffeur’s service contract and there will be no re-joining of the chauffeur for up to 180

The driver joining Royal Driven agrees the following terms and condition.

1. Documents and Details required for the driver to join us:

Driver Documents
● Profile photo in suit
● Bank details
● Email
● Driving License on both sides
● Driver PCO License paper
● Driver PCO badge
● Ni number

Vehicle Documents
● Insurance
● Logbook both pages
● Vehicle PCO license
● Agreement of the vehicle (If you are not the owner of the vehicle).

2. Service Policy:

● Driver must have a Smartphone and a Tablet Device.
● Either of Mercedes-Benz vehicle – Mercedes E-Class / Mercedes S-Class / Mercedes
V-Class or Vito.
● Driver’s dress code while on duty with Royal Driven will be a dark suit, white shirt,
black pants, tie with smart polished dark-coloured shoes.
● The vehicle should be both inside and outside.
● Water bottles, daily newspapers, tissues and mobile chargers for various models
must be provided to the customer.
● You must report “On-route” 60 minutes before the pickup time.
● If you do not report on route 60 minutes before and we are not reachable to you,
action will be taken on the allocated jobs.
● Taking a hand back a job from you is subject to the various matter directed to the
fleet manager meeting and review.
● Always arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to the pickup location to avoid delays.
● Once you arrive at the pickup location, communicate with the office and inform them.
● Once you have the passenger in the car, communicate with the office and inform
● For any extras on the way to the destination, please get approval from the office.
● Upon completing the ride, please check the back seat to avoid the customer’s
● Once the service is completed, inform the office of any extra parking charges, waiting
charges etc.
● If you do not report extras simultaneously, the company will not be able to pay you
for the extras.
● If you find customers’ belongings, please report to the office ASAP.
● Drivers are not allowed to give their business cards to Royal Dirven’s customers.
● Drivers are not allowed to put or stick their company brochures on the customer’s
● Make sure you do not ask a customer for the payment unless instructed by the office.
● If you receive any cash payment from the customer, please hand it over or report it to
the office.

3. Waiting Time Policy:

For non-airport Pickups – 15 minutes is the free waiting time
For airport Pickups – 60 minutes is the free waiting time

4. No-Show Policy:

1. Airport pickup – If you & office cannot reach the customer, then the No-Show will be
granted 90 minutes after the pickup time.
2. non-Airport pickups – If you & office are unable to reach the customer, then the NoShow will be granted 30 minutes after the pickup time


5. Extra Waiting Time Policy:

1. If you & office are in touch with the customer, then you must wait for the customer up to
the given time by the customer.
2. Any extra waiting time is paid as agreed after the service.
6. Communication Policy:
1. Driver must be able to communicate with the passenger and the office to make sure the
service is under control.
2. If the driver is not reachable for the allocated booking at least 60 minutes before the
booking, the office will act against that booking to find a solution.
3. Failing to communicate with the driver by the office is subject to various actions.
4. Make sure you inform the office of any delay on your booking in advance to avoid any
5. Driver can reach us 24/7 on our office number +44 (0) 207 112 8991.
7. Documents Policy:
1. Drivers must send their updated documents to the by email to keep the account active.
2. The office will request the updated documents, and you can send the documents
within 24hrs.
3. If you do not provide the documents within 24hrs, the company will block your driver
account for 180 days.
4. The documents must be clean and visible.

8. Payment Policy:

1. The payment will be sent to your bank account as per agreed payment terms at the time
of joining.
2. If you find any error in your bank statement, please report it within 5 working days to
avoid any delay in a correction on your bank statement.

9. Complaint Policy:

1. Any complaint received from the customer against your provided service will be
2. If we find a service failure or any other service-related complaint, then your payment will
be put on hold till we investigate and report to the customer.
3. Sometimes we make a full refund of the booking cost due to the serious complaints, and
the losses of the customer’s expenses when they claim from us due to the service failure by
the driver. The allocated driver will charge that total cost if we find it’s the driver’s fault.
4. If the complaint comes under the safety of the passenger we have rights to report you to
the TFL.

10. Feedback Policy:

1. If you have any feedback about our terms & condition, please do not hesitate to email us
2. From Time to time, we review our company policy and update them without any notice to
keep our service policy updated.
3. Working with Royal Driven Ltd, you agree with our policies and our terms & conditions.