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Tips for Planning a Trip to England with Royal Driven

Tips for Planning a Trip to England with Royal Driven

More than just England, the country is full of energy and excitement from the amalgamation of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish cultures. Although most tourists choose to stay in London (which makes sense – it’s a beautiful city!), the area is less crowded and has a lot to offer.

Here are ten things that should help you focus on your travel preparations.

Schedule Your Visit

You can visit England at any time, but it’s important to consider how the seasons can affect your travel plans. It is still important that you are informed of the potential weather conditions for that period in the UK, even if you have your holiday dates set.

Wherever you go in the UK, the weather can be different. Scotland experiences much colder winters than London. If you head north, it becomes year-round!

How Much Money Do You Have?

It’s crucial to establish your budget before moving on. Travelling in the UK may be costly, especially if you want to stay in major cities like London for a lengthy period. Many free attractions can help you plan a more frugal vacation.

Some package tours (including a vehicle and a hotel) may cost less than just a flight. Most major transatlantic airlines, such as American Airlines, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, provide affordable packages. Spend time looking for affordable packages before making individual reservations for a hotel, airline, or vehicle.

Book your accommodation in advance

Traveling in England at the height of the tourist season is challenging. Cheap hotels are fully booked, especially on weekends. Moreover, even the cheapest beds are expensive. At weekends, several hostels and budget hotels in London increase their prices. With just a little forethought, cheap places to sleep can be found.

Hostels continue to be fantastic options for families on the go. Families can travel well, especially in independent hostels. You should book your hotel online.

Avoid going anywhere during rush hours

If you can avoid traveling during rush hour in any big city like London, you'll save money on transport costs and possibly your sanity. Make sure you have a ticket (or in London an Oyster Card) if you need to travel at busy times.

Reserve a Vehicle

The UK has a variety of transport alternatives, including rail, car, bus, domestic flights, ferries and more. If you are flying into London Airport, you should be aware of the Oyster Card and transport alternatives in London.

The public transport system is not always reliable. If you want more convenience, we recommend booking a chauffeur service in Heathrow. You can book a driver with a chauffeur company in Windsor for your desired pick-up date in advance, just like a normal ride, and the driver will come for you. You will be able to sit back and relax comfortably on the way to the airport.

When you hire a chauffeur hire in Windsor, you can expect more luxury, less worry and more productivity. Hiring a chauffeur in London can provide you with the comfort and elegance you won’t find on public transport. Using the services of a chauffeur instead of a black cab will give you a more reliable service.

England is a bigger country than just London

Many travelers to England want to stop in London. If you’re short on time, visiting London alone may be your only option, and it’s a fantastic city. However, if you have more time, we strongly recommend traveling outside of London. There are some amazing places to be found within two hours of London, including Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Cotswold’s and Stonehenge.

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